You Can Keep Your Free Gear VR If You Have To Return You Galaxy S8 Due To Defect

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    In the past those needing to return their Galaxy phones would also need to return their free accessories or else pay for them. It looks like Samsung has changed their stance on this. There have been so many manufacturer defects with the device including a red tint in the display due to the display not being configured at the factory, random and repeated rebooting issues, and wireless charging issues. There have been so many people requesting a full refund due to defects in the manufacturing process that Samsung has decided to just let consumers keep their free Gear VR if they have to return their S8 or S8+ due to defect. This was confirmed by a Galaxy S8 owner who experienced the red tint issue. He requested a full refund after the update did not solve the issue on his device and was told he could keep the Gear VR.

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