Yet another Thank You thread

Discussion in 'ChevyNo1' started by tcyree2202, Dec 27, 2011.

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    First of all, hope all the family/personal issues are going well. I just wanted to stop and say Thank You for everything you did for the OG Droid. Not just in passing after downloading a rom, kernel, etc...but a real, legitimate thanks for everything you've done and still do for the community. I upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus a few days ago, so my Droid is semi retired. (Semi because I'm still using it as my mp3 player, rocking SS 5.6 of course. Until I straighten out this MTP/Linux issue, OG will be my mp3 player. Might end up switching to Debian/Ubuntu based distro, as it seems the fix for MTP support is easier.) Anyway, back on topic. Thanks for your amazing support, incredible roms and kernels, and your all around kindness and willingness to help. Thanks for making my android experience exceptional, and I hope to be running SS on my GNex soon, as I'm sure many other OG/SS users do, too. Also, money situation seems to be improving, slowly but surely, so expect some donations coming your way for all the times I was short on cash.