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    Year 1920 - The Game.
    Taking place back in the 1920's when prohibition was around and the crime wave was high.
    You arrive as an immigrant to the USA in New York trying to make a dream come true and start a new life.
    Though it's not as easy as it seems once you arrive. With little work for you to do and food to eat, you need to make a quick buck fast.
    What will you do is up to you, there is no right way out of this.

    Released Date: 26th June 2013
    Team: Peter Leaman, Kyle Mulder.

    Behind the story
    As most of you already know, Year1920 has been in development for well over a year now. Peter found himself needing a developer for year1920, which i took up the offer. When i first saw how slow the original modified mccode year1920 was, i decided to rebuilt it from scratch.

    Re-development started on 2012/03/06 and a mere 8 hours a week was spent on it due to real life job. While Peter supplied awesome design's, i supplied smooth, efficient programming. To this day, the game has been perfected for all browser's, and visual for everyone. Only Peter and myself have been the sole developers on the new platform.

    A month after development, and we had a stable, basic platform. From there, we've been adding in the functionality.

    This game is not intended to be an engine for sale, but rather, a platform where we ("Peter Leaman" & Myself "Kyle Mulder"), can use for future game's if need be.

    What is going to stand out to me?
    First of all, even without the backend programming. The design is amazing! Inside and outside, and you'll be sure to be surprised by the amount of time taken to get to where it is at the moment.
    Our Self-Economy-Stabilizer (Here on out known as SES):
    The SES system will take into consideration of all the feature's, so inflation is stopped. While there is a mass demand for certain item's, those prices shall rise, and for those that don't have demand, shall decrease. Not just that, but the crime system, job system is all included in the SES. Our main goal is to keep it self stabilized without the need of admins.
    Rich enhancements of Asynchronous loading.
    You will be required to have Javascript enabled at all time's..
    After launch, a non javascript required platform will be created.

    Please visit our facebook page:
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