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    ok so i know i posted a couple of thredas about this issue but i can never find an answer. So i got the droid in febuary and ever since i bought it i had problems with yahoo mail. I can get it set up on my phone but the problem is that it doesnt notify of new emails coming in. The only way i can tell that i got new emails is if i go in to my email and check it. Other than that if i take the battery out and put it back in then turn the phone on and i see all my emails. Now i updated to 2.1 and i thought that 2.1 was support yahoo email but still i cant get any notifications. I have the notifications turned and and i tried everything. Now some people still say its not your phone its yahoo and other people say that yahoo works perfectly on their phone so whats going on i really want to know is it my phone or what? why is some poeple having no trouble with yahoo email and then other people is? I just want to know if there is something wrong with my phone?
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