XPOSED [Module] Grootify Your Device With "I Am Groot" Module

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    If you loved The Guardians Of The Galaxy as much as everyone else you may have developed a special place in your heart for Groot. He is the lovable character made of wood who loves to proclaim "I am Groot!" With the help of an Xposed Framework Module by "mikmitch" you can now Grootify your phone. Once you apply the module your device will make the Groot sound during app transitions, and you have the ability to grootify almost all text including app icon labels, Google Now, Email, and settings toggles. Head to the source link below for the download and more info.

    Via XDA
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    Hehhehe, this is awesome i went to the cinema yesterday to watch this awesome movie.
    This idea/module is awesome but i'm sure this will mess up my phone.
    What I would do like is that there backgrounds and official ringtones would be released.

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