Xperia m4 aqua wifi issues

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by chuychacon777, Dec 29, 2016.

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    Sony Xperia M4 Aqua
    Hi, Im new in the community
    I'm having this issues with my xperia m4 aqua:

    1. Phone finds wifi connections and appears to be connected with good signal but there is no internet (even at my home or work wifi)

    2. Phone doesn't find any wifi connections, and if it does the network appears only as "saved" but cannot connect to it.

    3. Phone doesn't respond to ON/OFF wifi switch, and the wifi symbol appears gray and with an exclamation mark.

    4. The wifi connections appear when the phone lets me turn ON wifi but none of them are near me. And even if I'm at home my wifi connection doesn't appear on the list.

    needless to say I don't have any problem connecting to AT&T LTE network
    note: This 4 issues obviously don't happen at the same time, sometimes I have one or another
    This is the 3rd day having this issues :( :(
    I've already made soft and hard reset
    my phone is not rooted,
    neither got wet

    I'm posting picture of #3 issue....

    If someone has any clue about what's happening with my phone I would appreciate it B)
    Thank you and have a nice day and HAPPY NEW YEAR:cool:


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