Xiaomi whole series of smartphones will upgrade to the Android 4.4 !

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    After yesterday learned that meizu Flyme3.0 kernel upgrade android 4.4 news, now emerged XIAOMI mobile phones will also upgrade to the android 4.4, besides Xiaomi 3, Xiaomi full series machines will receive updates. But so far only Xiaomi 3 first to experience the beautiful MIUI android 4.4 V5.



    From weibo fact, android version 4.4 of the official adaptation of beautiful MIUI V5 upcoming, Unicom(WCDMA)/Telecom Xiaomi 3 will open beta testing on Next Monday. While other Xiaomi phones have upgrade android 4.4 plan, but specific time is unknown.

    From the point of the current news, Xiaomi out all models will support android 4.4 version of the beautiful MIUI V5, that is to say, even a minimum of Xiaomi mobile phone youth version will also be expected to upgrade, but because of the android 4.4 for hardware demand is higher, don't know whether low match version smoothly beautiful MIUI V5.

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