Deal Alert Xiaomi Mi 5 LTE Smartphone & I6 Pro Smart Wristband Bracelet on sale

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    Xiaomi Mi 5 LTE Smartphone is equipped with a 5.15" screen which is the perfect size for both operating and viewing experience. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Quad-core CPU brings you a PC-like browser experience while keeping low power consumption. It creates high resolution image featuring with extraordinary clarity with every picture you take by having a 16MP 4-axis anti-shake rear camera. Last but not least, the fingerprint helps you unlock your phone effortlessly. Xiaomi Mi 5 is now on price-matched, order in FastTech and have this companion that you will definitely love !


    I6 Pro Smart Wristband Bracelet is equipped with 0.73” Touch Screen which brings excellence and rich display. This wristband is waterproof with the IP67 technology. As a multi-function wristband, I6 has heart rate monitor and sleep monitor so that you can have comprehensive view of your heart condition and sleep quality. It is highly compatible as it has a Bluetooth 4.0 for you to connect with different devices. We are now matching the price and even lower than that of our competitors. Buy this representative wristband in FastTech and it can be your assistant anytime!
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