Xiaomi 3S real machine exposure: white front panel + full metal frame !

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    In the past have been leaked on the Internet a suspected Xiaomi 3S true machine system screenshots, and now in the network appeared more the machine photos, show the Xiaomi new machine will be equipped with 5 inch touchscreen and 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, is expected to be released sometime in mid to late may.


    From the exposure of suspected Xiaomi 3S real machine photos, the machine in shape abandoned the past Xiaomi 3 style characteristic, modelling than larger changes in the past, especially the edge horn processing more smooth and fruity on the fuselage. , of course, it is said to be the biggest change is in the box part, rumors Xiaomi 3S will be the first use a metal material frame, and that it has received the confirmation of the personage inside course of study.

    Now, however, still cannot confirm the authenticity of the exposure of Xiaomi 3S. But at least still leaked information is consistent with the past, such as the body will become more thin, and frame will be narrow, coupled with the machine to continue to use the 5 inch touch screen, so the Xiaomi 3S will also have more light.


    As for the specific configuration of Xiaomi 3S, according to the source of the machine is equipped with a 2.5 GHz qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor (MSM8974AC), and have 3gb of RAM and 16gb of memory storage capacity. And in addition to supporting FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE all 4G technology, Xiaomi 3S will also pick up a new beautiful MIUI V6 system interface, in terms of operating experience and fluency is expected to have further change.

    Xiaomi 3S will upgrade to the camera, although also built-in 13.0MP camera, but the camera is SONY's new sensors, possibly even SONY's fourth generation back MX214 sensors according to type, its characteristic is in weak light capacity, power consumption and speed, has a more outstanding performance. In addition, the machine front cameras will by 2.0MP jumped to 8.0MP , to cater to the psychology of many users like autodyne.


    According to the news from weibo, according to the new Xiaomi 3S cell phone will be on sale immediately after the release. Therefore, if the above is true, that means we will soon have Xiaomi 3S released and listed, now only need to look forward to, is the machine's function and specifications .

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