Xbox One SmartGlass App for Android Gets Update that Includes Push Notifications

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    Here's an interesting tidbit for any of our members who use SmartGlass with their Android tablet and Xbox One. The SmartGlass app for Android just got an update which finally includes push notifications. This should make it much easier to get nagged by your best friend to help them out in Titanfall after it launches on March 11th. Microsoft also added a few more tweaks and features with this new update.

    Here's a breakdown:

    • Push notifications
    • You can unsnap a snapped app without having to use the remote feature
    • The friends list is improved and automatically shows your favorites at the top (this is similar to the full app on the Xbox One which came with the March update)
    • The activity feed has a more refined look now
    • You can now access all your own GameDVR clips - Microsoft included a new menu option so you don't have to jump into your profile view

    Here's a link to the Google Play Store to grab the free download: Google Play Store - Microsoft Smartglass App
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