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    Ive searched the forums as best I could....My apologies if this topic is already covered somewhere and I missed it....I recently installed the system recovery and created a nandroid backup for my x2. Which the backup is stored on my sdcard-ext. Now before then, I had been messing around with TB and deleted some apps or what-not, and when the 2.3.4 OTA update came, it downloaded the file, but couldnt do the update, but thats not a problem. Did my research on that already. My question is that Ive been going through my file manager, and I came across a file and wasnt sure what it was, and I wanted to ask and make sure before I did anything with it. Its an Update-recovery.zip file, and I found it in /preinstall....Is that the OTA update that my phone downloaded, but couldnt complete the update because of my tinkering with apps, etc? Or is that something else? I know its not my nandroid backup (for obvious reasons), so thats the only other thing I think it could be. If it is that, can I move it to the root of my sdcard-ext, boot into recovery and install the update from there? And if I dont like the update, can I just restore my nandroid backup file that I already have? Any help/info would be great...Please and thank you.
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