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    Has anyone done much with the Droid X2 in the various "phone" modes that apparently exist on the phone. If one gets into the "call settings", the 4th one down says TTY mode and if you look, you've got the following options:

    TTY Off
    TTY Full

    These are setting to use if one is hard of hearing or deaf (as I am) and logically, I should be able to call a Voice Carry Over number, get a VCO operator and from there, have them call anywhere I want. With a Half Voice Over connection, the operator talks to the person I'm calling and types out real-time captions that get sent to me. With a full VCO setup, I do my own talking and the operator just types up the other person's speech.

    It's hugely important to someone like myself, especially if I want to order a pizza for pickup :)

    So far, I've not heard anything from anybody on this issue and would like to request that people who have lots of experience with the Droid X2 (or any droid for that matter) see if they can dig up any information on the subject. I've messed around trying to get it to work and frankly, I'm stumped. Part of that is because I'm deaf and I can't even tell if the phone call I've made to the VCO operator has gone through. Makes it a bit dicey ...

    Anybody know anything personally, or have a suggestion as to where I might go for help?

    TG Browning>>>
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