X Phone Rumored to Include Revolutionary New Features

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    The X Phone is said to have been in development for a long time and will offer “software features and capabilities that are not available on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Apple iPhone.” The software will reportedly be very powerful and capable of pulling together Google services “like no other manufacturer has done in the past.” More...
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    article isn't very detailed...
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    This makes me wonder....OK....Moto and Google have the potential to make a heck of a device...but....here's where it gets tricky, at least to me...

    Samsung is reigning supreme with their devices...things that not users don't like about Samsung is the feel of their build. .at least..I know many moto users who feel that way...plastic is in 80k cars...so not that big of a deal???

    Wrong...if I'm buying a device that cost 6-900$ then I want it to feel like I paid 6-900$ for it...plastic can feel that way, but I don't like samsungs plastic...and the flex of their devices.. even though they are stout..flex to me..feels cheap..yes if you drop an aluminium device it bends, screen shatters...so on...so its a personal thing...

    Next is their UI.. a vanilla android experience was preferred by a lot of people, while others liked certain skins(I mean stock here folks..not rooted or rom'd) moto has ditched blur for the most part, and gone to a vanilla set up(not totally vanilla but close) some are liking that, while others have seen the value of a well thought out UI......

    I've had the note 2, I own a N7, I currently use a razr maxx...all 3 offer a different take on jb.. obviously the note 2 has some weighty apps pre installed ... the device is pretty well thought out.. its UI while heavy, is very flexible...and usable to many people

    I have a friend who runs a small business..she was thinking apple..I suggested the note 2 to her, and even sold her my first vzw note 2, and the stuff she puts together with only that phone amazes the crap out of me.. she uses its abilities to scrapbook and to manipulate pics and text so well, its almost like she's paid a person to do this stuff for her..and the added flash and pizzaz has really gotten her more foot traffic...

    Moto has nothing even close to this.

    .they've even said that the x is "another phone that was in the works before the transition" they said that about the HD, and said the next device would be the first Google moto phone...so...what happened??

    Staying up with "what people want" is hard..obviously..but I think that its pretty obvious that the mass of users want a very versatile UI like Samsungs..the note 2 was a game changer I think..and moto is going to have to make big strides to close ground..if they can..

    But they may choose to stay vanilla and to be a more "Google" based experience.. its tough to say..

    I like moto...build quality is the main reason.. already discussed...but they're already way behind samsungs curve..

    I like Samsung.. except the plastic...change the texture...or something...(just my preference) but their UI is definitely making an 8-900$ investment ....seem...well....like money better spent...

    Moto once again needs to dazzle..I hope they do...

    Sorry for the book..but these are my views...I've been out of the game for a while...but this is how it looks coming in...

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    I couldn't agree with you more. I've been in the cell phone game since primeco phones and have had a huge variety (green screen flip phones, color screen flip phones, webos, iphone, nextel, helio, and currently Android) in all my time with phones I've only been excited about 3...... The iphone 3g (my first full touch screen phone) htc thunderbolt (still have and use it) and my current note 2. I've had almost every build quality from glass, metal, and now plastic. Everyone says plastic is cheap but honestly to me my note 2 is amazing. It's light huge and a beast. For such a huge device it feels perfect in my hand. I have to admit a textured back like the original note would have been welcomed but I don't feel like I carry a low end device simply because it's plastic. My original Galaxy phone (fascinate) felt much cheaper. Now a days with almost everyone using the slab or candybar form factor it's really the software that makes the difference. And as of now the note 2 is the king. Having said all that I am still waiting to see what the motorola/google phone will be all about. I expect great hardware from Motorola with solid software from Google...... But do I think it'll knock Samsung off as the software king, no. But millions will benefit from the competition. And that's what really counts, people getting a phone they can be satisfied with......
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