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    The android community and its members have a lot to offer but in particular one member has stuck out, his name Wugfresh. Wugfresh not only has made a amazing theme-porter and the first that even ports themes to Gingerbread but he has done something even greater which is outside the android realm for now, he has modified Firefox to give a unique experience to what we call browsing, unique is a understatement you would have to check it out for yourself via MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service to actually comprehend what I am saying. The link provided is Firefox 3 but the newest version is on its way so guys get ready to experience something that is entirely mind blowing and user-friendly. Now that I have explained how terrific his browser is let me give you just a few of the infinite features it has to offer:

    1. Chrome-like interface
    2. Modded Icon
    3. All-in-one task bar (makes printing, site viewing, downloads, favorites, preferences, and history much more organized and easier accessibility).
    4. Revamped GUI
    5. Preinstalled essential plug-ins which make life easier and entertaining such as:
    -- Lighting fast speed.
    -- Fancy scrolling
    --Splash Screen (downloads rapid-share, mega-upload, and other hosting sites for you no longer have to wait the timer will click for you)
    --Expose like and convenient tab switching.

    These are just the tip on the icing I think everyone should download and try his work and please leave comments for him to see how many people appreciate his work =D.
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