worthless rooting

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2 Global Development' started by turnpike, Dec 1, 2011.

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    so i had z4root and wireless tether..life was good...i didn't have the desire to add all the other things you can do with rooting..just wanted to get my ps3 online as i have no viable internet service provider..

    then cam 2.3.3...and all hell broke loose...so i finally figured out through trial and error how to get the "pete's motorola one click root" completed...things were looking up until i activated my wireless tether and was locked out...after calling verizon 3 times in 30 minutes i was told that verizon now charges for wireless tethering my creating your phone into a hub...no more sneaking by....so i turned to the forums for a easy fix...and there isn't one...there is radiocom..but it's not that easy...so all the headaches i had about getting this root down are for nothing... :soapbox: IMO without wireless tethering rooting your phone is completely worthless ...thats the only reason i did it. new people should be made aware of the latest issues with these phones...and that rooting will not let you wirelessly tether...will save them alot of aggravation....

    atleast PDA.Net still works good
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    Not true...

    Just run "wireless tether" (on froyo) or
    "Open garden" (on Gingerbread) and change the connecting to the internet options in you ps3 settings.

    Whala. Connected...

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    Droid 2 Global running CM7GB
    Connected to my Original Backwards Compatible 80gig PS3 with Open Garden(free in the market)

    To do it THIS way you either have to root (to do this for free) or use the stock pay-extra-to-use carrier-bloatware app