Worried About Losing Your Phone?

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    This is probably a nightmare to even think about, but it does happen. Before it happens to you, install these two apps. Both work similarly. With Lookout you access their website to click on "Missing Device". It then shows you on a map exactly where your phone is. Of course Lookout is also an anti-virus app. With Where's My Droid you send a text msg (from another phone or email address) to your missing phone. You then receive a series of emails giving you the exact GPS coordinates, the street address and a Google map link. You can also password protect the app so no one changes the settings or uninstalls it. Both apps also have a locator feature that makes your phone ring or scream. This is good for when your phone is just lost at home or work and you need to locate it. The paid versions go a step further and offer remote lock and remote swiping features.

    I have both apps installed for complete peace of mind. One is a backup to the other. They don't conflict with each other.



    Where's My Droid

    Where's My Droid