Work Web Subpages dont open correctly on Ice Cream Sandwich

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    Ice Cream Sandwich has lost some functionality from Gingerbread or whatever the name of it was. I inspect RE and use my phone for several productivity apps everyday.

    The HTC Rezound opened new doors for me at work because the my company's webpage, which was a pc only work site became available on my phone.
    The site's page structure is deep, where after the login page, the project page has several categories which open new pages. Some of the pages are then edited by radio buttons and text entry.

    When a selection is made, the New Page opens, and the info is available; before ICS. Now the select button seems to not register itself with the correct job. It's like the buttons dont know what info they are supposed to display or open. They open a job on a new page 50% of the time, but only about 5% of those occasions is the correct job. May times the new page wont open.

    I have reset the phone hoping to fix other items and this one. All this was functional on the old version before the update.

    Thanks for any advice.
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