Woodees - Inner Ear Stereo Earphone Review

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    In the fast paced world of technology, multitasking on a single device is more prominent than ever. This is definitely the case when it comes to Smartphones! Having the ability to listen to music, send an email and make a call now seems as American as Baseball and Apple Pie.

    Although these high-tech devices and most accessories sport futuristic synthetics and materials such as carbon fiber, it doesn't mean that their construction is always superior. Certain natural resources provide unique qualities and when paired with the right technology, sound out of this world!

    Woodees from iConnects follows this school of thought and crafts their housings not from some space-aged fiber, but from natural wood. Wood is known for providing a rich range, deep bass and its inherent low resonance. The sound from these earphones is warm and natural, much like the material that they are made of and the music they play.

    If you're inner earphone experience is anything like mine then you know that they can usually be uncomfortable after an extended period of time. Surprisingly enough, after several hours of music listening my ears weren't crying the blues! I've also found that every ear isn't created equal, and one of my inner earphones usually fits different than the other. Most of the time I find myself adjusting one of my earphones as it gradually slides out of place, but that's not the case with the Woodees. I'm not sure if it's how they are weighted or balanced, but both earphones stayed comfortably in place with the standard (medium) silicone buds. The Woodees come with XS, S, M and L buds to help fit just about any ear. The bass response was also consistent no matter how deep the earphones were in my ears. I've found that some other brands only provide full-toned bass when seated deep within the ear.

    Not only do they sound great and look classy, but they are also functional! The cable is long (4ft), soft and manageable and incorporates an in-line mic for answering incoming calls.

    Find out more about these fine earphones here or purchase them directly from Amazon!



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