Wont scan external sd card?

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    Okay, so i basically got tired of using my same old team-whisky rom i had been using so i bought this phone so i recently switched to using this mod and so far i like the general layout of the rom but the main problem i have with it is that whenever i turn on my phone or just in general it wont run a media scan to detect anything i have on my external sd card... or at that it doesnt even say how much memory my external sd card has when i go to "sd card" under system ... i have tried unmounted / mounting my sd card plenty of times without success i have also tried rebooting my phone many of times along with taking out my sd card and putting it back into my phone ... i also tried to use my sd card in my friends phone so i am positive my sd card is in working condition and my phone read it fine on my last rom? Another thing i have done has download an app that supposedly "rescans my sd cards" but they dont seem to work either. at this point i am completely flustered on what to do next in order to get this to work again considering i use my phone as an mp3 played and i cant funtion without my music lol ... also just another small queston i have is on the startup it makes a loud beeping noise? is there a way i could disable that? Any help would be very much appreciated :D (also sorry for any typos / grammer mistakes its pretty late and im to tired to check it over lol)

    --below is the link i used to download the mod--
    [ROM] MIUI 2.3.7 Lithium Volt 360 1.1 FFC {1.12.30} Updated 1/1 - xda-developers
    --also i am currently using a samsung vibrant T-959
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