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Discussion in 'Blackdroid' started by dahctor, Mar 28, 2010.

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    I'm not sure if I should be posting this stuff on this thread, but I have several reasons for putting it up here. One, I'm a big fan of Blackdroid and his team's work, so I figured I'd give you all a crack at these things to see if it would be part of the roms or if it would require another app, hack, or other widget. If you guys are up for the challenge, and it is in the realm of what can be done on the roms, sweet. If not, let me know who I can talk to about these alterations and I'll throw the feature requests their way.

    Phone Call Screen:
    When making a phone call, the screen does not rotate based on the accelerometer. This obviously makes no difference when holding the phone to your ear, however if the phone is in the dock or some other stand in landscape mode, it might be better if it the buttons and image rotated for aesthetics. Also, it might be a nice feature if the dial pad did not immediately disappear as soon as a phone call was made, that or when the phone was in speakerphone or blue tooth mode the number pad does not disappear at all.

    Lock Screen:
    I've tried a couple of the lock screen hacks found on the market and have decided that they all suck. Here's my idea: I'd like to be able to open my phone to a specific app directly from my home screen from a secondary slide AND/OR control the music play via this slide on the lock screen. IT could be a combination of these features, say a slide that will give the option of going to the messaging app if you have a text, IM, or email, or have the play/pause/skip option if the music is in the background.. Does anyone else have any constructive ideas for this that I haven't thrown out there yet? I like the extra slide better due to the fact the screen is still locked, but the app is accessible.

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