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    I have the Galaxy tab tethered to my Droid1 phone running UltimateDroid with chevy 2.6.32 1.25ghz kernel. I'm using android-wifi-tether 2.0.2 (all newer versions force close) or barnacle. All is great streaming music or a movie until there is an interruption in 3g service. What happens is the music or video will stop playing and the phone no longer negotiates internet traffic to the tab even though the interruption in 3g service was extremely brief, less than a second. Normal internet browsing works just fine and I've had no problems there. The issue only arises when streaming multimedia. I also tested with my laptop tethered to the droid and got the same thing so it's definitely not the tablet.

    I'm guessing the difference with the streaming and the browsing is that when the streaming is interrupted the player is just in listening mode and if no data is sent it just timesout whereas the browser is constanly sending data in both directions so it has built in keep alive or something. Just guessing on this.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? If it's a different ROM and kernel I'll gladly switch. I've seen the recommendation to change the channel to 1 and have done so without any luck. Have tried all channels in fact.

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