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Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by jeter10, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I went away this weekend and used the free Wi-fi at the hotel and now that I'm home, I can't connect to the internet from my Droid. I don't know what happened but I assumed it would go back to my default (whatever that was). For instance, I'm at school now (on a computer) and when I click browser on my Droid, it says it can't find any url. I click my email and it can't find the server. I go to Settings, Wireless & networks and Wi-Fi is connected to my school so I can get the internet now but if I'm not at school and I'm at a store and want to access email or the internet, what do my settings have to show? I'm still new to this Droid phone so please pardon my newbie'ness.

    I shut the phone down completely, waited and turned it back on and still it shows as connected to my school's free Wi-fi but I thought the default was something else...I don't remember if I had "connected to Wi-fi" selected before I went away b/c it worked so I never really looked at it until now...

    Please help if you can,
    Thanks so much!
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    Remove the wifi settings. You should connect to 3G then re add the wifi settings