Wired Tether via Proxy with other than Proxoid?

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    Boy guys I am really frustrated and if anyone can help I will be eternally grateful. Let me lay out the issue since it is pretty easy:

    At work, need internet. I have internet but it is heavily filtered (and monitored).
    Have a Droid(1), rooted, froyo.
    Want to tether but need my networked applications on my work computer to stay connected to the corporate LAN so I can still use email, server terminal clients, etc.

    So that is the goal. Proxoid is as close as I have some. It works OK since I can just run a copy of Firefox off a thumb drive and have my proxy settings setup on there.

    But Proxoid is so buggy (it seems). Connection drops often, gets VERY slow at times, etc.

    I would even be willing to try a normal wired tether and pull some TCP/IP tricks if that would help (have tried to mess with the TCP/IP metrics and tried a program called ForceBindIP. The former plain didn't work and the latter had odd issues).

    I thought I could use ConnectBot to replace Proxoid but I can't figure out the settings.

    Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
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