Will Windham Is Back At Again With Spectrum

Discussion in 'Android News' started by AndroidDissected, Jun 7, 2013.

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    So awhile back I took a look at something that was pretty new to the Play Store in terms of icon/uccw theming. The set that I looked at was Pristine by StealthyChief (Will Windham), and it was met with a lot of positive feedback. What made Pristine so unique was the fact that Will packaged an icon theme, a wallpaper chooser, and a pack of UCCW skins all in one application which made it extremely easy and quick to theme your device. This time around, StealthyChief is at it again with Spectrum.

    Like Pristine, Spectrum is a mix of an icon pack, uccw skins, and a few wallpapers all wrapped into one application. The icons that are included with Pristine are circular pressed icons which make the icons themselves seem like they are a part of whatever screen you put them on. They even look like they just blend into the background of your app drawer.

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