will universal androot be fixed?

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by joeybarclay, Aug 27, 2010.

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    for those of you who do not know the latest update that made flash available in the market also stopped universal androot from working .correct me if im wrong but i didn't see that universal androot supports the Motorola droid on their website. im just wondering if the team that built it is working on fixing the app for the droid. thanks!
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    The Universal-AndRoot app only worked with Froyo 2.2 (FRG01B/FRG22) and 2.01-2.1.

    The newest OTA release is FRG22D is an official release by vzw. The FRG22 was not an official vzw release, it was leaked.

    The FRG22D was released to fix some security issues (Root Exploit) and to add flash player 10.1 to the market.

    The "D" in the build means root is DENIED. So no more exploit...supposedly.

    If you really want to install a rooted Froyo FRG22D build then download
    Droid - FRG22D, rooted, deodexed, busyboxed **Rooted Users

    happy flashing
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