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Will the moto 360 live up to the hype?

Discussion in 'Android Watches' started by pc747, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. pc747

    pc747 DF Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2009
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    For every great device there is always a thunderbolt (HTC) in the midst. With many holding out for the moto 360 predicated on the momentum Motorola had with the moto x, Droid, Droid x (minus the locked bootloader), and the droid RAZR maxx we forget about this is the same company who have struck out with devices like the bionic. In fact it was this time a year ago we felt like Motorola was on the brink if it was not for Google bailing them out. So knowing all that why is it we are willing to hold out for Motorola's version of android wear?
    Is it because of the look, the reputation for build quality, or are we just not impressed with the competition?

    Being one who is holding out as well I have to say for me all of the above. The Lg G watch looks like an awesome device for those of us who like to ROM and root being it has already been rooted with (more) ROMs on the way. But you can hide the nexus as many do not know what it is and when asked you can point to the price and people will understand. But the G watch just looks like a phone made for us android geeks. There is no hiding that, and if you buy the Samsung it just get mistaken for the other gear devices. But from what we seen with the moto 360 it blends in and looks more like a time piece instead of a "geek toy". But once you get past the look will the moto 360 live up to the hype?
    Stay tuned to this section and our news section for reviews of the device as we hope to answer those questions for you.
  2. grenefroggie

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    May 18, 2011
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    My roomy just got a Galaxy Gear Active. He likes it. I can't imagine wearing a watch again. Though he says he looks at his phone less.