Will Alphabet Overtake Apple As Number 1 in Market Value?

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    Back in October 2015, we posted the news regarding the newly formed Google parent company Alphabet. Google Is Now Alphabet

    Since Google's reorg, it looks like Alphabet just may move to the top and dethrone Apple as the most valuable company worldwide

    At close of market on Thursday, Apple stood number one at $522 Billion and Alphabet number two at $515. When we talk billions, a spread of 7 doesn't seem like an awful lot. Thirteen months ago, Apple's market value was $643 billion almost twice Google's $361.

    What will the future bring? According to ABC Eyewitness News:
    "Apple has struggled to come up with another trend-setting product amid slumping sales of its most important device — the nearly 9-year-old iPhone, which accounts for roughly two-thirds of Apple’s overall sales"
    Apple has already acknowledged that iPhone sales will begin this year with its first quarterly sales decline since it launched in 2007. The slowdown helped push down Apple’s stock price by 15 percent since the end of 2014.

    Rumor has Apple looking at launching their own TV and perhaps a Tesla like auto in order to keep stockholders happy and remain as number one worldwide.
    I would buy an Apple auto. We know it will be awesome if it ever comes to fruition.

    Google has maintained its leadership in the lucrative Internet search and ad market as well as video, mobile, web browsing, email and mapping. That bundle of Google services brings in most of Alphabet's revenue, and is expected to deliver growth in the 15 to 20 percent range.

    Alphabet could top Apple's market value early next week after it releases fourth-quarter earnings on Monday. Investors expect a big quarter after Google's closest competitor in digital ads, Facebook Inc., announced that its revenue soared 52 percent in the period.

    Source: Eyewitness News
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    I see apple still winning because they have something that Google and Samsung don't and BB has lost and keeps making money for Microsoft. They have that enterprise money. Companies have spoken and many chose the iPhone and Windows.