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    I already happened to have had 2.01 installed

    I successfully rooted via the instructions here (Droid Hack – How to Root Droid!)

    and then successfully installed the wifi tether via wireless_tether_2_0-pre3_eclair.apk

    It runs but it's so slow that my web pages on my test computer (a dell laptop running xp-sp3) just times out. I also tried this out using my kids itouch. The droid and the "clients" see each other and the upload/download stats show some xfer but over a minute and I don't think the download got over 15kB but it was never disconnected.

    I imagine this isn't what to expect or I'd see lots of posts saying "this is unusable". So, given that I'm a complete nubie to this, I assume its me but I don't have a clue what to do about this.

    Any advice appreciated.
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