Wifi Tether Hack For Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge OE2/ OC3

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    We have had working free wifi tether through the foxfi app. The only thing that is sort of worrisome about using foxfi is that it uses a VPN to hack around the subscription check of the native tether app. This means that your internet traffic could potentially be monitored. In fact after installing and using foxfi to tether on your device you will be warned every time you boot your phone up that your internet traffic is being monitored.

    ScottsRoms who is most well known for his CleanRom series has posted his wifi tether hack which can be installed by flashing a zip file through Flash Fire. You will need to be rooted, but this will work on both OC3 and the latest version of Android OE2. Head to the link below to grab the file you need and be sure to flash the proper file for your current version of Android.

    via XDA

    FlashFire Beta
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    Nice DMX! Great to see an alternate option.

    Per FoxFi's FAQ regarding the "monitoring issue":

    FoxFi installs a "certificate" to bypass the carrier blockage. On Android 4.4 the installation of the FoxFi certificate will trigger this "network warning message". However rest assured that the FoxFi certificate (and the VPN connection that utilizes it) is only used during the short period when your hotspot is being turned on. As soon as the hotspot is ready the VPN is dropped and the certificate is no longer needed. If the warning message (re the "monitoring") bothers you, you can remove the "FoxFi Certificate" (see steps above). However you will simply need to reinstall the certificate next time you turn on Hotspot.

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