WiFI stuck?

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    I'm perplexed.....here's some background: I had to downgrade my Moto Droid to save a few bucks on the data plan. Unexpected job losses do that. :icon_ nono2: I know that the Droid has to have a data plan to work, but was using it as a very expensive PDA for contacts, calender, wifi-enabled Pandora, ect. This setup worked fine for over a month.

    About three days ago, the Droid stopped responding to my Wifi LAN. I've tried using a static IP, verified that it had the correct encryption key, reset it, sacrificed a chicken to the Android gods all to no avail. The MAC is not blocked, and my AV is showing it as active. My network shows as connected on the phone, but there is no data transfer. Likewise I can't download files from a NAS. I was able to get onto another local network that was (ahem) unsecured just fine. I just can't get onto my own to access files, movies, radio, ect. Does anyone have ideas?

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