Wifi keeps cycling off and on. No USB

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    Wifi keeps cycling off and on after root whether downloading or not. I set my "Display" to "Never Sleep". Cannot get through a download...AND cannot connect with USB , because the phone is invisible to to my PC, though rooted Droid X will charge on USB. (Did all the driver stuff too...but obviously NOT the right one :( )

    I tried Airplane mode w/Wifi on.
    Tried rebooting, several times.
    Unmounted/remounted SD card
    Reset "permissions" w/Root Manager
    Removed Wifi tether sw, and rebooted.

    HELP!...:mad: please!

    Thanks for any help!

    Sorry if this has been covered. Searched Google and DF (and other forums)

    Edit: Found the fix on DroidXForums Multi-ROM Thread - Blur-Based ROMs for those on .621/.604!
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