WiFi Constantly Cuts out & Cell Standby/Battery Drain

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    ROM: Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 RC1
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    I've been trying to get my battery drain under control while I still have this phone (due for an upgrade next month). I resolved an Android OS wakelock issue by upgrading to the latest radios, which I found on XDA. But now I have two issues, which I don't even know if are truly issues.

    1) The WiFi cuts in and out at work constantly. I don't know if this is due to crummy WiFi at work (which I'm relatively sure is the issue, but am going to ask anyway) or due to something else. I just asked a coworker if she connects to the public or the secure WiFi, waiting on a response from her. But I think it's the work hardware, not my phone. Anything I can do for this? I could log on to the guest WiFi, but it's unsecure and boots you off after 10 minutes of inactivity. I'm on the secure WiFi though, installed through a certificate.

    2) My work signal is the 9th circle of hell for Verizon signal. I work in a big brick building and am not near any windows. I very rarely get signal while in the building. It's killing my battery, so is there any way I could keep WiFi on but stop the signal search? I understand airplane mode but that kills my WiFi, and I like to get pushed notifications (when the dang WiFi works!).
    Edit: I just spoke with the same coworker who sits about 5 feet from me in a different cube, she gets a signal! Unbelievable, haha.

    The sad thing is I work for a technology company. Woe is me. :(
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