WiFi and 3G/4G Simultaneously

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    Ok I've searched and I'm pretty sure this isn't possible, but thought I'd asked anyway.
    First here's my situation...
    I'm in a rural area with no access to broadband via cable or DSL. My internet connection is through VZW's 4510L MiFi device.
    I've setup a wireless bridge to the MiFi to allow ethernet connections, and a wireless router to the bridge to expand the MiFi's reach.

    Now I have a home automation controller that can be controlled via a web browser, but obviously I need to be on that network to access it. I don't want to leave the phone on the WiFi because the MiFi has a data cap where as the phone is unlimited. So what I have to do is enable Wifi to access the controller, then back to 3G/4G when I'm done.

    Anything out there that would allow me to run both radios and route specific traffic to the network I choose?

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