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[WIDGET] Clock Watching - Time crawling? Of course it is! Check when you can bail

Discussion in 'App Announcements' started by rampantminions, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. rampantminions

    rampantminions New Member

    Apr 10, 2012
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    [Widget] Clock Watching - Check how long to go in your work day, lecture, or whatever


    Clock Watching is a simple, intuitive countdown widget that lets you know exactly how much time is left of your working day, lecture, seminar, or any other event you want to track. It can also account for breaks, and calculate the time since an event e.g. breakfast.

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    * Counts hours and minutes since or until any event in a 24 hour window.
    * Can show time to go or time gone, and percentages.
    * Switch between counting up and counting down with the touch of a button.
    * Alter time itself! Exclude breaks (e.g. lunch) to make your day seem even shorter.
    * No automatic update. Combine the excitement and anticipation of clicking the "How About Now" button with the more pedestrian benefit of saving on battery life. Win win!
    * Seamlessly transitions across day boundaries. Great for shift workers, or for when you need to track a full 24 hour period.
    * Easy to use. No dates to enter - Clock Watching is always ready to go.
    * Extensive customization of colors.
    * Access configuration screens by clicking on the widget.

    Clock Watching is perfect for an event in any 24 hour period that you wish to count up from or count down to:
    * How long until end of working day / lecture / meeting / seminar etc.
    * How long until your favorite show starts
    * How many hours until dinner
    * How many hours since breakfast
    * Any other thing you can think of

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