[WIDGET] Battery Diary Widget - different skins!

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    Are you bored of traditional battery widgets?
    Battery Diary is a Battery Monitor Widget with 3 different skins: an orange, a zombie and a very popular muffin, all of them with remaining battery indicator.
    Major features (available after tapping the widget):
    - calculation of the minimum, average and maximum speed of charging,
    - scrollable graph presenting the history of usage (charging, discharging, power off states) during the last month in four different scales,
    - battery voltage and temperature indicator,
    - calculation of the remaining battery time and charging time,
    - battery technology detector/display/indicator,
    - very nice appearance,
    - dimensions 2x2,
    - widget images automatically adapting to the current battery indicator,
    - counter of battery dischargings and chargings using different power sources,
    - advanced techniques of calculating statistical data,
    - no battery drain (no anims).

    Please note that statistical information will appear after collecting necessary data.
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    or just enter in search: battery diary widget