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    This app is made to work in conjunction with the Transcend Wi-Fi SD card in your camera.
    Every once in a while something that's just plain cool to do comes along and can also be a time and aggravation saver at the same time.
    Transcend has a Wi-Fi SD card for digital cameras and an app that works well on phones and tablets to use the card for so much more than wirelessly moving photos from your camera to the Windows/Mac machine. Since I have Dropbox on my Android devices and desktop I don't even have to be home to sync my camera much less remove the SD card.
    I take a photo, check if I want it by using Shoot and View mode on my phone (or tablet but I'm using it mostly on my phone) thumbnail view that sends a "thumb" that's 5mp and about 1MB in file size, plenty big to see if it's a keeper or not, with all the settings of the camera during the shot in case I need to tweak something. If I decide I want the full file,I just tap the download icon and it sends at well over 1MBps to my phone and/or tablet (actually I can sync up to 3 things at once but that slows sync speeds way down) then upload it to Dropbox (or any cloud storage ) through its app. My desktop is set up to download new items that I add to the cloud version so in reality I get home from wherever and my photos are already on my XP dinosaur in case I want to do some editing, make prints, etc.
    You can sync automatically or manually, search the camera for individual or batches of media (photo or video) that you didn't already sync.
    There's also internet mode using a hotspot but since my ultimate goal is have my photos backed up somewhere and I can do it with apps I didn't see a need to even setup my internet hotspot network.
    I use the app on a Rezound phone,a Nexus7 tablet and a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and it very works well on all 3 but best on the Nexus7.
    Anyway I just thought I'd pass along a little about something that makes me say just wow every time I use it.
    There are other brands out there with their own app to match their cards but I've found the Transcend Info company to really support both their cards and apps along with listening and actively communicating with their customers reviews, social media and an email I sent them making a suggestion so I went with them over the others.

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