Wi-fi not connecting after leaving Home Wi-fi

Discussion in 'Motorola Nexus 6' started by thunderbolt_nick, Oct 4, 2015.

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    The title doesn't probably give this issue justice and I'm mainly starting this to get some feelers out there to see if anyone else has discovered this yet and if they've done an FDR and it fixed it.. Let me try to explain the best way I can:
    1. I will leave my house to go commute somewhere. I leave wifi on all the time because I will pick up free wifi via my cable provider. Saves me a lot on data.
    2. When I leave and the N6 disconnects from my home Wi-fi because it is out of range, it will not connect to any other Wi-fi and will just stay on LTE. If I try to open the settings, it will show the Wi-fi networks available and let me tap on one to connect, but it will just go to Saved and never really connect to the network.
    3. The only fix I have found is to either restart the phone or Disable/Enable Google connectivity Services.
    So, lets go over the things I've tried to fix it (not necessarily in the order posted):
    • Toggling Airplane Mode
    • Forgetting/Rejoining Home Wi-fi
    • Clearing All Saved Networks.
    • Rebooting (which will fix temporarily)
    • Clearing Cache/Data of these services:
      • Google Connectivity Services
      • Settings and Settings Storage
      • Bluetooth Share
    • Uninstalled Updates to Google Connectivity Service. Rebooted Device. Reinstalled. (I have heard around the grapevine that keeping away from the updates can fix it too, but I didn't want to try that just yet)
    • Updated device to Marshmallow. Not it just won't autoconnect after leaving. I even factory rest before updating to Marshmallow. This is just weird...
    Any thoughts or experience will be much appreciated.
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    I'm not much help here but I use WiFi matic from playstore and it connects to known WiFi.. So as soon I come in range home or work it connects. Might want to try it..

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