Why did this happen?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by xkape, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Was having trouble with battery life of about 5-8 hours and google voice didn't show transcripts or record voice on messages, just silence.

    I had to wipe clean to stock and then reinstall my ROM and d/l my apps again (backup did that for me, though) the other day and now battery life is a day and a half and google voice works.

    What changed? I didn't have any errors with anything I had done, nothing was running that shouldn't have been. As far as I can tell my phone is now again a 100% copy of what it used to be before I messed it up and had to start over. Even the customising of apps and using the same theme.

    I know wiping your regular computer clean and starting over every now and again gets it back in line. Does a phone need to do that to?
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    Something on the slow install didn't exist on the backup. You removed it when you installed the backup. That is what changed.

    Your phone should not need to be wiped clean if all is going well. I'm sure there are many on this forum who have had a stock phone since last november's release of the droid, as well as who have owned other smart phones, and have not had to wipe them clean.

    I had a friend who picked up a computer a few years ago. After a few weeks I asked how it was going. They said "not too bad that they only had to reinstall the recovery CD 5 times so far". Every time they couldn't find a shortcut on theire desktop or something didn't look right to them they just wiped it all and started over again.

    Your computer also should not need to be totally wiped clean to make it perform properly. The wipe helps because some sort of junk got on it that is slowing it down. Far better to prevent the junk than to have to wipe it all and start over...I would think.