Who can fix my bricked Razr???

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by arh73, May 10, 2013.

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    Does anyone know how to fix my phone....
    Here's a challenge for all you super smart tech savy people!

    I messed up and lock my razr trying to get it to update from gingerbread to ICS ota...its been asking me to update for months but since its rooted of course it wouldn't update. So for days I've been trying to seach on here how to update to ICS. Here's what I did (because of other suggestions and posts I read) and the phones current state. I uninstalled bootstrap and then deleted the file logwrapper.bin, temp unrooted with voodoo root keeper and then downloaded the update ota. Of course it didn't update, progess bar went the usual 25% then rebooted. Here's where my OH CRAP came into affect. The phone kept booting over and over again at the droid eye animation part. It did that for over 2 hrs. When I plug the charger in I get a gray ? in the middle of the screen where the battery level should be. I've search for hours trying to find droidrazrutility1.7 with absolutely no luck to a good working link. I have access and can get the file I deleted logwapper.bin from another Razr but don't know how to get it back onto my bricked phone.
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