Where to install system apps on X2

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    Originally I had deleted a few apps from my phone after rooting. I realized I should have froze them instead of deleting. I found and downloaded the X2 system dump. I know the whole weird filing thing this phone has with the sdcard and sdcard-ext thing. Now When I plug my phone into the computer, and put it on PC mode, it usually places things onto my sdcard-ext. Now when I put my phone into Mass Storage Mode, it shows me 3 things.....MOT (F:), MOT (G:), and SD (E:). My question is where exactly do I need to place the .apk files onto my phone so that when I install them, they are in the right place? Obviously they need to be placed in the phone system and not an external sd card. Also, I do need to install the .odex as well, right? And if theres anything I'm missing, I'd love to know. Thank you
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