When plug in USB c headphones w phone no work

Discussion in 'Moto Z2 Force' started by SMYDSMITH, Sep 19, 2018.

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    Sorry about that....yep they are JVC Marshmallow headphones. Not the greatest in the world, but they are decent as a backup pair; for the price.

    And yes, I do now have a Z2 Force. Oreo killed my Z Force.

    And yes, they do work for calls and music using the Moto USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. I just tried again this morning and calls worked fine. So I'm not sure what update some folks might be posting about somewhere, but wired headphones with a mic work fine on my Moto Z2 Force and also worked fine on my Moto Z Force....using the factory supplied Moto adapter.

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    I have contacted Lenovo support and here is a paraphrase of the answers as well of other tests and other Products I've tried.

    1) You can not buy Lenovo/Motorola replacement dongles from Lenovo/Motorola. They will just send you a new one via FedEx(at least in my case) for free I think you have to have registered your phone with Lenovo and I am not sure of the specific requirements but I registered mine. Lenovo I give you props and thanks for great support and customer service.

    2) Lenovo did not specifically say that only their dongle will work with cell phone calls but in my tests "Every wired Cell Phone Headset' I tried worked with their dongle and none worked with 3rd party dongles which none that I tested work with the cell phone call piece but seem to work only with the other multimedia sounds ie music etc and not calls or notifications etc. I am not saying their isn't a 3rd party dongle that works or that Lenovo dongle is the only one that work, but in every single test I've tried that seems to be the case.

    3) I asked them if they could post an official answer on their website for guidance on the questions I had and well as some recommendations for the Moto z3 force. They logged the question and if I get some answers I will post or link to the URL from this blogging chain I seem to have created.

    4) I also went to Best Buy, Microcenter, Walgreens, Staples, CVS, Walmart and looked and various Bluetooth and non Bluetooth Headsets. I opted for
    A) Bluetooth:
    JLAB JBUDS PRO Bluetooth wireless
    Best buy had them on sale
    They work great but the battery life is listed for six hours while for instance the Sony brand I saw next to it was 8 and more expensive. I also looked at the expensive JLAB Products and they have one called an executive version that does Bluetooth and I think wired and or noise canceling and looked supper cool but I didn't need anything that extravagant.
    I have not gotten The Google assistant to work with a dbl volume down press on the headset and I will be check with JLAB support next. Also the mic doesn't work great on Windy days but I think I did see some products at best buy that claims that they do work in noisy areas(cool but I also didn't try that)
    B) Wired : Got one at microcenter and one at a mall random brands both worked with mororola/lenovo dongle neither worked with non Motorola/Lenovo dongle

    I am not affiliated with any products or companies above and the opinion are my own. I do not claim any accuracy in case of anything incorrect above. But if anything is incorrect above please feel free to reply as I would like to know. How's that attempt at legalize(I am also not a lawyer) Lol

    Cheers mates until my next post

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