What's the most popular application on your phone? Droids, iPhone comparison

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    In our lab (Baltimore, MD) we're big on smartphones:

    1) DX running stock purchased in Nov'10
    2) D1 running SS 5.2 @ 1 Ghz running xScope and Google maps (mine) purchased in Nov'09
    3) Atrix running stock purchased in Mar'11
    4) iPhone4 (AT&T) running stock, purchased on Nov'10

    Now people say that iOS has the best apps. And I ask you this? What's the application you use the most? Almost invariably it will be your browser.

    We regularly stack all 4 next to each other and test about 10 webpages. Well, you guessed it, DX>D1>>Atrix>>IPhone4 running 3G or 4G or whatever you want to call it.

    I'm telling you forget the stupid speedtests and test REAL webpages. iPhone 4 users are locked in their phones and are rendered mere end users. That's correct, the stock iPhone4 browser and AT&T reception in our building is utter trash. AT&T ping times are also atrocious. And that's before LTE. And without discussing Google maps.

    Am I disappointed that we don't have as many or as good apps or as good screen as iOS? yes. Does the app I care about the most work the best on my platform? By far.