What's HotKnot technology? A video enough to let you know

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    last year Mediatek released late the first true eight core SOC - MT6592, another new technology has also aroused the attention of all, the reason is that the new technology which called Hotknot is likely to upset the NFC dominance in the near field communication, become a new star in the field of mobile, now with a video to show you to get to know mediatek officials Hotkont technology - use it for the data exchange between the two mobile phones.


    Such as video above demonstrate, two support Hotkont technology of intelligent mobile phone only need touch the screen, can complete pictures, video, data transmission, and the speed is very quick, simple process, no complex debugging process. Removal of general data exchange, using Hotknot technology, you can also use mobile phones for payments, transfer, etc. In addition Hotkont technology without any third Chip , just touch compatible chips can, don't like NFC need related hardware match, the cost advantage is very obvious.


    Hotkont technology scientific research by mediatek , it can be compatible with all MTK platform smart phones , just will take the lead in application to MTK6592 Smartphones, other MTK phones can be implemented by updating, Ali OS 2.7 is currently support this feature.

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