What setup do I need?

Discussion in 'Android Roms' started by jcray19, May 9, 2010.

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    Hello all....this is just a general question to get your opinions on what ROM/Launcher I should run.
    First off I am currently running BB v1.0 with bekit 0.8.3 800MHz LV kernel. I love everything about this setup. It's not too extravagant and everything is lightning fast compared to Stock 2.1 setup.
    I really like the Helix Launcher but, the only think I like about it is the "Quick Launch" bar at the bottom where you can program the four buttons that stay there no matter what screen you are on.
    I personally like the App Drawer of the BB v1.0 (it looks like Stock 2.1) and everything on the BB v1.0 has the smoked glass look.
    I don't care for the 3D app drawer that the HelixLauncher 2 has, it looks too cheesy to me.

    So, I guess really what I want it a setup like what I have now but, with the quick launch buttons at the bottom. Am I just out of luck, or are there any Launchers out there that I can get rid of everything except the Quick Launch buttons?

    Thanks in advance.
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    There are other launchers but they are more or less the same. I don't really understand what you are looking for though. HelixLauncher1 is essentially, the stock launcher with the icons on the side + a couple other options. Any launcher/home replacement that isn't stock is going to have issues at some point or another. Lag, crashes, or whatever. Helix Launcher 1 seemed the least problematic from my tests.

    ADW things <-- is a newer release of a HelixLauncher modification of sorts. With TONs of options. Has been running quite well for me so far, only had it for a few days now.

    Zeam - Android app on AppBrain <-- is another take on this sort of thing. I haven't tried it myself, but it has it's fans.