what is MAC address to tether?

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    I have a droid X, I am trying to tether my phone to samsung 10.1 tablet. In setting it up on droid x, under Add allowed device, it asked to enter MAC address, what is that? Can anyone help me tether my phone to my samsung??
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    Go to settings of your Samsung and look up the Mac address. It should be under "device info".

    What all are you using to tether? I never had to enter Mac address in any of the apps I used. Check the settings in the tether app and see if you can turn off Mac address

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    mac address

    I have samsung galaxy, under device info, there is nothing that says mac address. Just has build number/kernel version/android version/model number...that is it.
    What app are you using? I was just trying to go thru my droid x settings for tethering or wifi settings.. I did use a usb cable from droid x to samsung, thought that would help, it didn't just drained the battery on the droid.

    appreciate your help..
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