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    I have no idea if this is the right forum....

    I just switched from a razr to a razr maxx and I gave my mom my old droid x a while ago. We have been having issues with our phones like shortcuts appearing out of nowhere, applications open up on their own (on the droid x), the cursor moves on its own or the screen scrolls by itself on the razr...

    The only thing we have that I thought might be causing this is Go Launcher so I did a factory rest on the X and kept go launcher off that phone and once google play reinstalled it and ADW on my phone, I uninstalled both from the maxx. Today, when I hit the home button, I got the message asking what home I wanted, ADW or Go Launcher. Neither are even installed on my phone! Just now on the X, mom unlocked the phone, clicked the app drawer button and this message pops up. (I uploaded it but this is my first time uploading so I'm not sure if its going to work) View attachment 48330

    what could be causing this? I would normally think its Go Launcher but neither of us have it installed. We do have a copy of it backed up to sd by My Backup Pro. Could that be it?

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