What do you think of the OnePlus X compared to the previous generation OnePlus devices?

Discussion in 'OnePlus X' started by dgstorm, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Is this a fair comparison, or should we be comparing the OnePlus X to other phones? What are your thoughts?
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    I think one plus has come and gone.

    As much as people talk about us being the one percent, we are the loudest one percent. And unless you have money like Samsung you going to need excitement from the community to rub off on others. One plus had people's interest and fizzled out. One Plus could argue that their devices are better overall than what HTC put out (a stretch considering HTC has NFC and a better track record qa wise) but HTC people know, one plus they don't.

    If one plus is wanting to be a serious contender they are going to have to do more. Either that or find a niche market (mid end) and dominate.

    With google emphasizing on security, they could compete by making mid tier phones designed to rom ($250 range). A device that people have with their note or Droid devices. Unfortunately that means only relying on the small group that root and rom. And even then people are going to take their chance with google because of their turn around time for RMA, not having to rely on one developer (CM), and knowing you are going to get updates. I could get a year old nexus for a similar price off swappa or eBay and still have all that. So I don't know what to tell one plus.

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