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    Been asked this quite a bit

    Cytown phone it the primary phone app used in CM - all credit goes to Cytown

    Details and the original post for the modified phone app can be found on XDA

    The added options as listed on the XDA thread

    • add notification differ than talking when dialing.
    • vibrate on outgoing call on answered.
    • vibrate on 45 sec when outgoing talking, i.e. 45", 1'45", 2'45"... (also have attached without this function.)
    • 2 short vibrate on off hook.
    • more awake time for screen on while talking.(Method from derfolo)
    • notify with led blink when missing call
    • vibrate on call waiting
    • force return to call log screen after a call out end
    • settings for on/off of all above
    • show avatar when outgoing call not answered
    • ringer performance improved with method from itp@xda.
    • show organization in call screen, request by pascanu@xda
    • larger avatar
    • black list!
    • layout from eclair
    • force use touch ui keyboard
    • turn over to silence incoming phone
    • support left hand user
    • support wire control to hangup
    • show nickname in call screen

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