What Are The Top Rated & Works?

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    Ok, I just switched over from Blackberry like a majority of us did. I want to know what is the best programs for the following:

    1) Multimedia Player
    2) Browser. FYI, I heard that Flash will becoming early 2010 to the Droid.
    3) As far as SMS, I have Handcent, and so far I like it.
    4) As far as email goes I use to have Empower on my Blackberry, and I
    must say that I like the options on that.
    5) Is there a Calender out there for this Droid that will; show events in different colors, have the option to schedule events bi-weekly, and most importantly, show on my front page without going through an algorithm to find it?

    Now, is there a program for this droid that will shut it down and start up at a scheduled time?

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