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    So, two days ago my droid x really sh*t the bed. The screen started to flutter a little bit in the corners and as the day progressed, it started to flutter on and off with vertical lines showing. So, I called up vz and they sent me out a "certified like new" one (although they should have sent me a new one bc I am still with the 30 days). So, I turned it on and proceeded to activate it and YAHTZEE. The screen started to do the exact same thing. What are the chances that both phones with three weeks both show signs of this screen issue?

    Anyway, here is my dilemma. Should I go ahead and get a brand new dx (they said I can go right into the store and grab one) or should I wait till something better comes out? I know they usually come out with new phones for the holiday season and was curious if anyone knew of a solid "smart phone" that will be rearing its pretty little head by year end or next year?